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Credit Recovery Program

For more than 15 years, Student Choice High School has helped students in danger of not graduating. Hundreds of students have received their diploma because of the education, flexible scheduling, and ability to make up classes and move at their own pace. Through our Credit Recovery Program, students who have dropped out of school and wish to return can make up classes and receive a diploma.

CRP Learning Centers

By establishing Learning Centers co-located with community organizations, we have designed a program to assist students with recovering their high school credits and to provide an environment where students can successfully complete new courses on a manageable, self-paced, individual learning plan. This program quickly builds student confidence and encourages successful completion of courses and academic success through:

  • Concentrated mentoring and academic coaching
  • Individualized learning plans
  • Blended learning that offers self-directed choices
  • Schedule flexibility

Overcoming Barriers

Students attending our Credit Recovery Programs often experience many barriers in their lives that prevent completion of their high school diploma, or they have circumstances that prevent them from keeping up with their schooling. Many of our students face challenges such as:

  • Living with their parents/guardians as the ”breadwinners” of the family 
  • Living with extended family, foster homes, group homes, or even homeless
  • Being parents themselves, which adds significant responsibilities and schedule pressures

These barriers are just a few of the reasons the Credit Recovery Program is necessary in virtually every community. In short, the Student Choice Credit Recovery Program gives these students a chance to be successful in high school and beyond.