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Students in a classroom

Traditional Alternative Education

Student Choice High School campuses offer students a learning environment and teaching style that is different from those of a traditional high school. Students access our standards-based online curriculum and participate in a self-paced, four-hour session that is facilitated by highly qualified personnel. Through this alternative approach, it is our goal to help our students succeed both in high school and in life.

Non-Traditional Campuses

SCHS campuses are small, especially compared to most traditional high school campuses. We provide a soothing setting where we serve a maximum of 90 students in each session. We feel that warm tones, new computers, new technology, and new philosophies, give us an edge over the traditional high school. We offer a comforting, small, and focused environment for learning.

Standards Based Online Curriculum

Upon enrollment, our highly qualified staff will assess SCHS students to determine their current skill level. Our teachers provide students with computer-assisted instruction that allows them to work at their own pace and skill level. The technology infrastructure on each of our campuses provides:

  • The most current computer support an online setting can provide
  • Both stationary computer workstations in a lab format and mobile devices for increased mobility
  • 24/7 curriculum access for staff and students 

Because each student can be working on a different subject at any given time throughout the day, peers aren’t aware of what or how others are doing in specific classes. Students can focus on their own academic progress and/or recovery without hesitation. Likewise, students can also work ahead and excel without having struggling classmates hold them back. Because of the self-paced method we offer, students have the opportunity to graduate ahead of their cohort group and pursue higher academic goals.

Personalized Graduate Plans

Upon enrollment, Student Choice administrators begin to develop a student specific learning and graduation plan designed to put students back on the path toward graduation and build skill sets needed for successful transition to post-secondary endeavors. Our students are integral in the learning plan process. We feel students need to assist staff with creating their graduation plan and tangibly work toward accomplishing the plan methodically and sequentially.We understand the changing economic climate and want to help students further their education and skills. 

Our staff helps these young adults to see the vast opportunities that await them upon graduation and works with them to establish goals and develop a plan based on their interests. We bring in personnel from all branches of the military, trade schools, community colleges, state universities, and many business professionals to speak with our students throughout the school year. Our guidance counselor speaks with each pupil on a regular basis to help them prepare for their future.