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Students and staff performing science experiment outside

SCHS Maryvale Learning Center

Meet Principal Sotelo

Shayne Sotelo

Throughout Dr. Sotelo's 27+ years in educational career, she has worked in various educational settings beginning with six years of high school where she developed her love for teaching. Her greatest achievement has been the creation of the first public Montessori Adolescent Program in Arizona where she taught and directed for15 years. Subsequent to Montessori, Dr. Sotelo served as vice principal at Herrera School for Dual Language and Fine Arts for six years where she was able to share her Montessori methodologies and musical abilities with k–8 students and families. With adolescent psychology being a primary focus for her doctorate, Dr. Sotelo has been able to adapt to both traditional and non-traditional teaching methodologies. Her vast educational journey has allowed her to interact with a diverse range of young people from different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities, while creating inclusive learning environments which foster a sense of belonging and encouragement to all students to reach their full potential.

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