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SCHS Maricopa Campus

Meet Principal Ambos

Principal AmbosMr. Ambos received a MA in Educational Leadership from Ottawa University in November of 2014. Mr. Ambos began his educational career in the state of Arizona in 2001 in the Deer Valley School District. Over the past 18 years, Mr. Ambos has served in many capacities within the teaching and administrative realm. Working as a middle school social studies teacher for a majority of his career, he assumed many leadership roles on the campuses he was fortunate to be a part of. Those roles include lead teacher of an alternative education program, site chair, district liaison for Common Core instruction, district safety committee member, and many others.

Mr. Ambos spent the last four years as an assistant principal and principal in the Washington Elementary School District. During that time, he also was recommended and selected to participate in the Rodel Aspiring Administrator Program, a prestigious program which provided opportunities to learn and grow. The learning and growing continues in his current position as the principal at Student Choice High School’s Maricopa facility. Mr. Ambos is a certified principal by the Arizona Department of Education.

“Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” - (author unknown)

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