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All About Our School

It’s no wonder that the problems many public schools face with overcrowding and quality control frustrate students and their families. At Student Choice High School, we knew it was imperative to build a small, safe, comfortable school where high schoolers could learn without distraction. Doing away with the distractions that come along with a traditional high school setting is a big part of our students’ success. 

Families choose SCHS because the setting we provide allows students to focus not only on their high school curriculum but also on the next step toward their education and their future. Our goal for every student is success and graduation.

Education with Students in Mind

Student Choice High School serves students in a variety of settings. Traditional alternative education serves freshman through senior students. Students participate in a four-hour block of instruction, depending on individual circumstance and needs. Our Credit Recovery Program, serving students 16 years and older who have been disconnected from their school. Our sites allow for flexible scheduling and are housed at learning centers throughout the Phoenix area. Both venues are best suited to provide opportunities for students to earn academic credit toward graduation based on their individual schedules at a pace they are comfortable with.

Our teachers are state certified and highly trained instructors who give special care to every student. We take exceptional care to ensure that every student with the desire to learn receives the most individualized, essential tools and instruction for their success.

Who We Serve

Many types of students pass through our doors every year. We strive to meet the needs of each one in the most positive manner possible. Examples of some of the high school-aged students we serve include:

  • Students who need a flexible schedule to accommodate jobs, transportation challenges, or family responsibilities
  • Students transferring with a deficiency in earned credits
  • Students who have had low grades and/or few credits earned in previous years at a traditional high school
  • Students returning to school after a prolonged absence
  • Students and parents looking for a more effective learning environment
  • Students with a desire to accelerate earned credits
  • Students looking for a smaller class size and more individualized instruction