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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the questions parents and students most frequently ask about our school. Be sure to read more throughout this website and in our student handbook so that you’re well-informed and prepared to support your child through a successful educational journey.

What is Student Choice High School?

Student Choice was founded in 2000 and has evolved into a multi-faceted education management organization that specializes in serving the education needs of at-risk students. Currently, Student Choice operates alternative learning and dropout recovery programs in Arizona and has additional partnerships with school districts to manage and operate credit recovery/dropout recovery programs.

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Who does Student Choice serve?

This program is for any student who is not having success in traditional high schools. Students who are 16 to 21 years old who has been out of school for 30 days or more.

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What does Dropout Recovery mean?

The Student Choice program provides students with a learning environment and approach that is different than the traditional classroom setting. Students work with a flexible schedule that is safe, self-paced, and delivered through superior technology. Students receive one-on-one attention from teachers, mentors, and tutors who are invested in the student’s success. Through our Credit Recovery Program, students who have dropped out of school and wish to return can make up classes and receive a diploma. Visit our Dropout Recovery Program page to learn more.

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How do students benefit from Student Choice’s format?

Our teachers work with each student individually to determine his or her ability and personal needs. The goal is to identify and overcome academic obstacles. Mentors help students overcome family, personal, and emotional challenges that can hinder their success in the classroom and beyond.

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How do community and school district partners benefit from Student Choice’s education management services?

The economic cost of high school dropouts is tremendous. Partnering with Student Choice provides districts with a strategy specifically designed to address this growing challenge. We will re-engage students to reduce the dropout rate and improve graduation rates. The program is zero cost and will create an additional revenue stream for our district partners.

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What does the class schedule look like for the Student Choice Dropout Recovery Program?

Because many students need a flexible schedule due to work or family responsibilities, Student Choice Graduation Academy (SCGA) learning centers are open 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m, Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. on Fridays. We do not have scheduled classroom sessions. An instructor greets students when they arrive, and students complete their assignments by following a prescribed learning path in a technology-rich environment.

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How is the class content delivered?

Student Choice uses blended learning, which is a mix of online learning/lesson and teacher-led instruction.

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What do I need to do if my child will be absent from school?

A parents or guardian must notify us when your child is absent. We will consider any absence not reported within 24 hours as unexcused, and excessive unexcused absences will result in loss of credit. The educational program at Student Choice makes it possible for students to complete most lessons in class and not as homework, so when students miss school, they miss the opportunity to complete their assignments and to secure assistance from the teaching staff.

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As a parent, how will I stay connected with my child’s progress at SCHS?

The staff at Student Choice wants to establish a line of communication between home and school, which provides the student with support and encouragement in pursuit of a high school diploma. In presenting reports on student progress, we will keep both the student and parents/guardians informed. We extend an open invitation to visit the program and/or call us on school-related matters. 

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