The Advantages of Alternative Learning

Alternative High School - alternative learningStudent Choice High School provides students with an approach and environment that is different from that of a traditional high school. Our students receive individual instruction and lesson planning, as well as on-going communication from their instructors.



Computer-Assisted Instruction

computer aided learning - computer based high schoolUpon enrollment, SCHS students are assessed to determine their current skill level. The pupils receive computer-assisted instruction that allows them to work at their own pace and skill level. Because each student can be working on a different subject at any given time throughout the day, peers aren’t aware of what/how others are doing in specific classes. Students can focus on their own academic progress and/or recovery without hesitation. In turn, students can also excel without being held back by struggling classmates. Because of the self-paced method, students have the opportunity to graduate ahead of their cohort group and pursue higher academic goals.


Personalized Attention

one on one attention in the classroomStudent Choice High School has traditionally focused on helping students on the verge of dropping out. We sit down with our students and help them gain a vision for their own future. Education is the key to a young adult’s future. SCHS wants to be a launching pad where students can leap into the exciting future that awaits them. Perhaps our name says it all…it is about giving our students a choice. Student Choice High School wants to help meet the educational needs/goals of every student who is enrolled at one of our schools. Our caring staff and teachers choose to work at SCHS and they stay with us because of the success they’ve seen in their students. They enjoy getting to know the students on an individual level…not just a name on the paper or a familiar face in a class of 35 x 5! Our staff and teachers develop individual lessons for each student and they work with them for the full four hours every day.

Non-Traditional Campus

high school in the cloudOur campuses are small. We provide a more soothing “office” setting serving a maximum of 60 students in each session. We feel that warm tones, new computers, new technology and new philosophies, give us an edge over the traditional high school. We offer a warm, small, and focused environment for learning.

Who Does SCHS Serve?

Many types of students pass through our doors every year. We strive to meet the needs of each one in the most positive manner possible. We serve students according to but not limited to the following:
• Those who need a flexible schedule to accommodate jobs, transportation challenges, or family responsibilities
•Deficiency in earned credits
•Low grades and/or few credits earned in previous years
•Students returning to school after a prolonged absence
•Students and parents looking for a more effective learning environment
•A desire to accelerate earned credits
•Those looking for a smaller class size and more individualized instruction


"Mr. Peterson is the man. This math teacher not only knows his stuff when it comes to math but connects with the students in a way that makes learning the subject much more appealing. Mrs. Burton was the best English teacher I could have ever asked for."

-Submitted by a student